orking in the Netherlands through W&F.

W&F seconds Polish temporary workers in the Netherlands and we have enjoyed doing this for more than 10 years. The demand for EU professionals has risen sharply in recent years. Working in the Netherlands has a number of interesting benefits for you as well as for a job seeker. Interesting vacancies at expanding companies, varied work with good payment and neat working conditions. We ensure timely payment of your salary, in accordance with the collective labour agreement that applies to your job. You will also receive a clear payslip from us with every salary. What is more, you make use of the ET scheme at W&F, which means that can exchange part of your taxed wage for a tax-free allowance


Why choosing W&F?

We think it is important that everything regarding your job in the Netherlands is properly arranged. That is why at W&F you will find bilingual employees who will personally guide and support you during your stay in the Netherlands. Especially, when you are only planning to start the Dutch course, which is completely free to our employees. We are also a certified secondment agency. You can be assured that your work process is running correctly, and you will not be surprised by any unpleasant situations.

From housing to transport

Working in the Netherlands also means that you will be, temporarily, living in this country. It's good to know that everything is properly arranged regarding your accommodation. You will be living in the immediate vicinity of your employer in small-scale accommodation in the middle of Dutch society. Each of our houses, SNF certified, is equipped with all conveniences and there is plenty of living space. W&F will provide you with a suitable mean of transport to travel to work and back home. What do we expect from you? Honesty, clarity and motivation. We don’t want you to be  disappointed, because your work situation, for example, does not meet your expectations. Conversely, this also applies to us and your new employer. We want to enter into a long-term relationship, so it is important to be honest and fair to each other from the start.   


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