Benefits of employing Eastern European workers.

´╗┐Good professionals are scarce nowadays. Skilled people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty are as rare as hen’s teeth. The use of Eastern European employees can offer a solution in the event of scarcity. Motivated employees who come to the Netherlands for one purpose: work.

Working with W&F means that you can be calm because we looked after:
  • Selecting the right candidate.
  • Partnership with focus on long-term cooperation.
  • A-Z support.
  • ´╗┐Transport and SNF certified accommodation.
  • Expertise in collective agreements, legislation and regulations.
  • Competitive rates.



Motivated staff you can rely on

At W&F the well-being and satisfaction of our temporary employees is our priority. We are convinced that satisfied workers who take pleasure in what they do achieve better results. We are a team you can rely on! We have extensive experience in the flex industry, legislation regarding employing foreign personnel and various collective labour agreements of the branches in which we second. Our aim is to unburden the HR department and are happy to share our knowledge and discuss any issues regarding flex employment.



A win-win situation for client and employee.

W&F has been active in the temporary employment sector for over 10 years. We work according to ABU standards, the General Association for Temporary Employment Agencies. We also have the NEN-4400 certification. This not only assures you of quality employees for your industry, but also that everything else is arranged properly. Would you like to know more about hiring Polish or other Eastern European workers? Or do you have a (flex) issue that you cannot find the correct answer to? Please contact us without obligation. We will be happy to explain what are the benefits for your company and what W&F secondments can mean for you.


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